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- Access to $2 million in education scholarships

- Access to independent senior living

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AHEPA Bergen Knights Chapter #285 is a 501(c)(10) tax-exempt organization. As such, donations to AHEPA Bergen Knights are tax-deductible.


AHEPA Promoting Hellenism Since 1922


Our History

Since our founding in Hackensack on August 27, 1931, the AHEPA Bergen Knights' has focused on philanthropic endeavors contributing both locally in Bergen County, New Jersey and around the world. Today, our chapter is based in Tenafly, New Jersey but our history of commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism has not changed.


Our History

Our Charities

The AHEPA Bergen Knights have supported a multitude of charitable organizations and foundations both locally in Bergen County and around the world. Most recently, our chapter has supported Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer Research, AHEPA 5th District Cancer Research Foundation & AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors.


Our Charities

Our Sponsors

The AHEPA Bergen Knights have served philanthropic interests for over 85 years. We plan a variety of professional events to promote your business and support our charitable causes. With you by our side, we're sure to achieve our fundraising goals. If interested in being an event sponsor, please reach out to us. We can't wait to hear back!


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